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The diary of a profitable football analyst

This speculative venture was inspired by some entertaining and informative reads - How To Make Your Million From The Internet ( and what to do if you don't ) by Jonathan Maitland, Bets And The City by Sally Nicol; Moneyball by Michael Lewis; The Numbers Game by Chris Anderson and David Sally. A stimulating foursome that made me laugh out loud at times, but also captured my imagination and refused to let it go.

The prophetic Inquisitorem was born, only after these gifts had been bestowed upon me by the aforementioned wise ones.

Athough the primary focus is to explore football data to establish just how predictable the game is, this project clearly has a betting focus and tax-free cash incentive. With an eye for patterns and probability, can profit be made with a measure of certainty?

"Data is in demand and football revelation is hitting the net! Everybody is looking for a disclosure."


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£5004 PROFIT !
AVERAGE of £1000.80 per month !
From BACKING home qualifiers and
LAYING their opponents !
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